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Meet our team

trust, value, efficiency

Why we're here

At SDG Monitor, we believe that sustainability data is a powerful asset  for any business.  We design and build tools that ensure data quality and a valuable life-cycle for data in order to create solutions that save your organisation time, resources, and effort.


Our tools answer the questions:

  1. How can we address the problem you are facing in the simplest, most intuitive way?

  2.  How can we ensure high quality data through credible and logical data trails?

  3. How does our tool save the resources of your business and  of our planet? 

"The best sustainability strategy is not to have one, but to create a business strategy that consists of sustainability.”

Johanna Catani, Co-Founder SDGm

Meet our interns

Each year, SDG Monitor welcomes talented interns from around the world, contributing fresh perspectives to our team. Whether they specialize in marketing, data science, legal research, content writing, or regulatory analysis, our interns play a crucial role in advancing our mission. We are proud of the meaningful contributions they make to our projects and their professional growth.

Non-executive director

Justin Cooke

Advisory board

This group of brilliant minds to challenge and guide us towards 2030.

Annika Finer, Co-Founder Aurora Impact Ventures
London, United Kingdoms

Marko Sjöman, Founder 3StepIT
Helsinki, Finland

Mikko Mursula, Deputy CEO, Ilmarinnen Investments
Helsinki, Finland

Smartest tools to measure, manage and report your sustainability performance 

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