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Global internship programme

SDG Monitor's Global Internship Programme provides international talent with hands-on experience in various fields. Our interns tackle real projects in order to enhance their skills while contributing to our mission. Join us and make a global impact in ESG performance.

Choose your office

At SDG Monitor, we embrace flexibility with our "Choose Your Office" policy. Whether you prefer working from home, a co-working space, or any location that suits you, we support your choice. This approach improves productivity, work-life balance, and job satisfaction, allowing you to excel in your ideal environment.

Importance of F2F meetings

Though SDG Monitor operates as a fully remote company, we recognize the value of face-to-face interactions. We regularly gather in key locations like Amsterdam, Helsinki, or even a scenic spot in Italy to reconvene, set annual strategies, meet with clients, and brainstorm new projects. These face-to-face meetings strengthen our team connections and enhance our collaborative efforts.

Open Positions

Currently, there are no open positions available. Please check back later for future opportunities.

We want to connect! Reach out to us.

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