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Our products

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ESRS Data Cards

ESRS Data Cards

The smartest and simplest way to comply with the CSRD

Cost-efficient, timely tool to collect, manage, and report the mandatory sustainability data with a data trail to ensure its auditability

Excel-based design to facilitate the management and collection of CSRD data

Step-by-step guidance on how to comply with the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) that saves companies’ time, money, and resources


  • All ESRS cross-cutting and topical standards and their application requirements, word-for-word and point-by-point

  • More than 100 data cards in English.

  • *Official latest version published by European Commission on 31/ 07/2023.

  • Obligation status of each disclosure requirement

  • References to other relevant ESRS standards or EU legislation (e.g. the EU Climate Act)

  • Specified data types that follow the data definitions provided by the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG)

Highlighted Features

The ESRS Data Cards streamline the entire management of data collection for CSRD reporting. The tool keeps track of key information including data availability, ownership, location, source, and methodology for each data point. This information remains easily accessible year after year, serving mandatory purposes such as audits. The ESRS Data Cards ensure data integrity, especially as the reporting scope evolves.


We conduct comprehensive meetings with the client to introduce the ESRS Data Cards tool. Our sessions provide detailed examples and guide clients on how to use the tool effectively. Additionally, we supply onboarding materials that offer extensive guidance, ensuring a smooth transition and thorough understanding of how to manage sustainability data using the ESRS Data Cards. Book a demo with us today!

Collect data

During the data collection phase, the user dives into their company data to extract the necessary sustainability information required for CSRD compliance. They then input this data into the ESRS Data Cards Excel tool. This phase involves meticulous data gathering, ensuring that all ESRS cross-cutting and topical disclosure requirements are met, as well as identifying the obligation status, relevant EU legislation references, and the specified data types as per EFRAG definitions.

Ready-to-Use Data Trail for Auditing

Once the data collection is complete, the ESRS Data Cards tool provides an audit-ready data trail. This trail maintains the integrity of key information such as data availability, ownership, location, source, and methodology for each data point. The tool ensures that all collected data is easily accessible and verifiable, meeting mandatory auditing requirements and simplifying the audit process for CSRD reporting.

Outcome: all CSRD data ready for auditing.

Price: starting from €4950,-

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