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SDG2 Zero hunger

Food is in the core of the UN Sustainable Development Goals because it is closely linked to all the other SDGs. Ensuring access to adequate food all year round, developing sustainable food systems that don’t harm the environment and avoiding food loss and waste are in the core of SDG2.

How companies and organizations can contribute to the SDG2 zero hunger?

This includes business actions and investments that help to develop sustainable agriculture, food production and healthy nutrition without harming the ecosystems. For example, businesses can increase sustainable food production in their value chains and support the transition to sustainable agricultural practices by requiring positive practices from suppliers and partners.

Food waste is another very important issue to address. By FAO, 1/3 of all food that is produced is wasted. The goal is to halve the food waste globally by 2025. Businesses who rethink food waste problem by creating circular innovations, reusing waste to produce new products and partnering with others to reduce food waste contribute to SDG2.


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