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SDG7 Affordable and clean energy

How companies and organizations can contribute to the SDG7 affordable and clean energy?

This includes business and investment actions that promote energy efficiency, develop renewable energy sources and ensure the transition into low-carbon economy.

Clean energy transformation is crucial for removing carbon from the atmosphere, preventing CO2 and other GHGs from forming and warming the planet and stopping the development of health issues due to harmful air quality. Respiratory diseases and heart, lung cancers caused by fossil fuel pollution kill 4.2 million people every year (WHO). Warming is causing the climate change which creates the most biggest urgency of our time.

Green, renewable energies; solar, hydro, wind, wave and geothermal energy should be the only ways to create energy. Businesses have great opportunities in clean energy to reduce all their operations and premises overall carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency by producing renewable energy and consuming the energy they produce themselves. Excess energy is run back to the power network.

For businesses, renewable energy is more cost effective than non-renewable energy in the long run. Renewables don’t run out but non-renewables does. With the strong commitment of the countries governments in clean energy transformation and with the help of businesses, the renewable energy will become quickly more affordable and accessible for all.


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