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SDG15 Life on land

Businesses and ecosystems form an inseparable link. Companies rely on the natural resources the ecosystems are providing. However, the demand and the regeneration of the ecosystems doesn’t meet and for that reason ecosystems are degrading at an alarming rate. But if we act right now, we can still put it right.

How companies and organizations can contribute to the SDG15 managing and restoring the land sustainably?

This includes business practices and actions that increase the protection and sustainable use of the terrestrial ecosystems and forests. What is important for businesses is to source raw materials from sustainable, certified sources only, by the company Code of Conduct or other set of sustainability rules & practices.

Businesses must increase activities in sustainable forest management, restoration of degraded land and conservation of terrestrial biodiversity. For example, a company or organization can promote innovation on products and technology for resources use efficiency, monitoring impacts on ecosystems and reducing CO2 emissions.

What actions your company is taking in protecting the life on land? Let us know below 👇🏻



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