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SDG14 Life below water

97% of Earth’s water is in the ocean, about 2% is stored in the glaciers and icecaps and only ~ 1% is freshwater.

The ocean is our biggest carbon sink. It uptakes carbon in two ways, by diffusing it from the atmosphere and by photosynthesis in plankton and algae. Our oceans’ ability to dissolve carbon has weaken due to the raising temperatures and ocean acidification.

How companies and organizations can contribute to the SDG14 life below water?

This includes business practices and actions that increase the protection and sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources. Businesses must act for protecting the marine environments by monitoring their products and materials life cycle, improving waste management processes and avoiding material from their value chain ending up polluting marine environments. This can be done by improving resource efficiency and product design, developing materials recycle/reuse/repurpose, monitoring and disclosing chemical material use information on their products, and facilitating #closedloop processes.

How your company is protecting and conserving our marine environments?


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