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Improve your sustainable business skills in SDG Monitor E-learning courses!

SDG Monitor E-learning Academy home page

SDG Monitor is proud to launch a new product, SDG Monitor E-learning Academy!

By improving your skills in business sustainability, you build the competence level in your company that consequently will lead to better decisions in terms of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) sustainability. Understanding why sustainability is a must and drawing and implementing a sustainability action plan is crucial for making your company future-fit,

Product Manager's note:

"The E-learning Academy becomes part of the cloud-based sustainability performance measurement and communication tool, the SDG Monitor. You can now access the new E-learning courses directly from your SDG Monitor account (login/sign up here) and start improving your skills in business sustainability.

What is SDG Monitor E-learning?

E-learning Academy consists of courses that you or your colleagues can take at your own pace, learning anytime and anywhere. Improve your skills in business sustainability with our e-learning courses and get certified of a market leader in Sustainability Performance Measurement. All our courses are:

  • Self-paced, so that you can learn whenever you have dedicated time for it

  • Taught in English

  • Accessed with tablet and smartphone, so that you can learn anytime, anywhere

In addition to this you can access the course content up to 6 months. You can have insightful discussions with the other E-learners at the forum. You get the course instructors' full support on business days. And you get a shareable certificate of completion that you can add to your LinkedIn profile and your Curriculum.

Click here to SDG Monitor E-learning and bring your sustainability competence to the next level!!

What is the First E-learning Course?

The first E-learning course is about How to create a Sustainability Report. The outcome of this e-learning course is a hands-on roadmap with the main steps for a credible, transparent and comparable Sustainability Report. In this course your will learn the main components of creating a sustainability report focusing on your stakeholders, what they need from the report and key insight on effective process management and content creation. Excellent e-learning course that sets you ready for creating your company's own sustainability report. Learn more and sign up to the course here.

SDG Monitor E-learning Academy new product launch


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