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"Grow your business and enhance social well-being without harming the environment"

Agenda 2030 here we come!

The United Nations has defined 17 Sustainable  Development  Goals (SDGs) and almost all countries are committed to reach these goals by 2030. SDGs are government level goals but companies, organizations, households and individuals are the ones realizing them. That is why we created  SDG Monitor, to help any business, big or small, to show the impact of their actions towards the SDGs. 


World is running late to reach the 2030 goals, and the division between the strongest countries and the weakest has widened. We want to accelerate the positive development with our hands-on tool and keep it reachable for anyone. We  want to help companies to integrate their sustainability actions with the SDGs and we take actions, no matter how small towards our goals every day.


This is the decade of action. Let's all step up and make sure no one is left behind.

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Our biggest Environmental, Social and Governance challenges in our industry are energy efficiency, e-waste & digital waste management, gender equality and data security & sharing data. We build a sustainability community through our bi-weekly webinars where we educate people on the SDGs and sustainability. 


Open and transparent communication are in the core of our sustainability program and that is what SDG Monitor tool helps you to achieve too! Our short-term Action Plan is for 2022 and our long-term Action Plan for 2030.


Follow how we progress in our sustainability journey by viewing each ESG action on SDG Monitor's interactive dashboards below. 

Our Sustainability Action Plan 2022

The ESG Impacts dashboard provides an holistic view of all our sustainability actions, their SDG impacts and ESG impacts, as well as their current and target dates. We use this dashboard as our to-do-list that we view in our Tuesday team meetings. Click the image to view the dashboard in interactive mode.

sdg monitor action plan esg impacts dash

...contributing to something bigger than us

SDG Monitor is a proud member of Pledge 1% community! We give back by pledging time, sharing our knowledge and expertise in our bi-weekly webinars and co-joint events with our growing network of partners. 

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