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  • How does SDG Monitor work in practice?
    To start using SDG Monitor you need to have the following three things ready 1) Actions you want to measure: e.g. gender equality in management, decreasing CO2 emissions or increasing the use of renewable energy. You can measure as many actions as you want. 2) Quantitative values of your actions: What is the value of your action now and what is the target value you want to reach (e.g. % of your gender equality or CO2 tonnes). 3) Timeframe of your measurement: When do you start to measure and when is your target date. Starting date can also be historical date, so you can fill as much historical data as you want. SDG Monitor pairs your actions with suitable SDG business indicators, shows their ESG impact and convert the data into different Dashboards so you can easily and transparently communicate your sustainability Action Plan.
  • Why does my company need a sustainability policy?
    It gives you competitive advantage when pitching for new clients, looking for investors, recruiting new talents It increases sales for customers are more and more preferring sustainable products and services It saves costs through new innovations, by tackling the stranded assets & by becoming more circular It builds your reputation as employer, brand and company that wants to grow your business and enhance social wellbeing without harming the environment It is a must, for if we do not develop our businesses into more sustainable fashion, soon we have no planet to do any business what so ever
  • Can I try SDG Monitor for free before subscribing?
    Yes you can! Your first month (30 days) is free and no credit card needed for trying out the tool. During the free trial, we hope we have convinced you to continue using the SDG Monitor and you can choose between monthly or annual billing for your subscription. You can cancel your subscription any time.
  • What is the difference between Administrator, Team member and Contributor?"
    Administrator is the user of the SDG Monitor, who owns the account, has login rights, creates plans, manages teams, the data collection and dashboards. Team member has the same rights as Administrator, but without own account. Contributor is a person invited by the Administrator or Team member to fill-in data to the SDG Monitor. Contributor operates through a separate link and doesn't have an access to any data nor can create actions or dashboards.
  • Is my data safe with SDG Monitor?
    We have done our utmost to keep your data safe. We have chosen to use Amazon AWS to host SDG Monitor for we find them very reliable when it comes to saftety or storing and administrating data. They have also rather good sustainability programme, which for us is a must when choosing our partners.
  • How is the SDG Monitor linked with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?
    Companies and organizations are more and more integrating sustainability into their strategies and often use the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as measurement to their policies and programs. The challenge is that the SDG targets and indicators are designed for government use, but businesses are in a crucial role realizing them. SDG Monitor has analysed every single SDG indicator, rewritten them to suit better for business purposes, linked them with keywords, certificates and business terminology so that our search engine can pair all your sustainability actions with suitable SDG indicators. SDG Monitor is committed to the UN Global Compact since September 2021.
  • What added value SDG Monitor brings into my sustainability policy?
    SDG Monitor brings four-fold advantage to any sustainability policy or action plan. 1) It measures your sustainability journey by pairing your actions with the SDGs 2) It shows the overall and ESG impact of your actions by converting your data into index score (%), so that your data can be studied as one 3) It visualizes your data into dashboards, so you can easily and transparently communicate your sustainability development with your stakeholders 4) It gives you competitive advantage when pitching for new clients, looking for investors, recruiting new talents and building sustainable corporate culture
  • How does the SDG Monitor show the ESG impact of my actions?
    SDG Monitor has identified the environment, social and governance impact on every SDG indicator and described each impact with more detailed impact. The ESG impacts are Environment: Ecosystems, Carbon neutrality, Climate change Sustainable production & consumption, Built environment Social: Human rights, Gender equality, Social, economic & political inclusion, Health & wellbeing Governance: Sustainable growth, Justice & governance, Transparency & Disclosure
  • My company does not have a sustainability policy yet, how can we proceed?"
    It does not matter how novice or advanced you are in sustainability. We offer different services, training and consulting to get your sustainability to the next level. Our current services are Subscription: Subscribe SDG Monitor for your company or organisation and start measuring and communicating your sustainability performance today. SDG & ESG Analytics: We will analyse your sustainability data and choose the actions that are best enligned with your strategy. You will get your action plan in SDG Monitor with: the most suitable KPIs, and SDG integration. As an outcome you will have SDG Monitor ready to use with all timely data put in. Sustainability Action Plan: We lead the process and bring the tools, you bring the insight and data. As an outcome you will have a sustainability action plan, with short and long term goals, strategy based KPIs, integration of the suitable SDGs and communication guidelines. Well drawn sustainability action plan grows your business, enhances social wellbeing without harming the environment. Ask your quote today.
  • Traffic lights and index score, what do they indicate?"
    SDG Monitor converts your quantitative data into index so that you can present an overview of all your actions. Index score is also presented as traffic lights to visualize your development towards your target goals. Index score: For each action, the SDG Monitor computes index scores in order to signify achievement between starting (0) and target (100) outcomes. Since you can have multiple SDGs which in turn can have multiple indicators, we compute an index score per SDG and an overall index score. This way you can show both your overall and per SDG development. Traffic lights: To present your overall development, your action data has been normalized by organizing it to 0 to 100 range. Dashboard will show the change by using 4-scale traffic lights. The calculation is done using the index value formula. Colours indicate the following trends - green: close to/goal achieved - yellow: acceptable score - orange: still challenges - red: starting your journey
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    Minimum subscription time is one month, but you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.
  • What kind of dashboards SDG Monitor provides?
    There are currently these five beautifully visualized dashboards 1) Action DB: visualizes each action separately in values they are presented 2) SDG DB: visualizes all actions you have entered per Sustainable Development Goals. 3) Impact DB: visualizes your actions by ESG-impact with detailed description 4) My SDGs: visualizes all your actions by SDGs and shows their Index score and trend by using trafic lights 5) Overview DB: visualizes all your actions in Index score and timeframe, and shows your overall development towards your set goals.
  • Where can I get help for using SDG Monitor?
    SDG Monitor team is here to assist you in any question or problem you might be facing. If you cannot find an answer from the Q&As, please contact us at We will do our best to get in touch with you within 24 hours.
  • How can I use SDG Monitor in communication?
    SDG Monitor is an effective and easy to use communication tool. You can share the dashboards easily, by presenting them online and using all the interactive features they have, or converting them into png and just sharing them in your social media channels or adding them into your presentations, press releases, web pages and other communication materials. SDG Monitor is the smartest tool to communicate your sustainability journey transparently and with timely data.
  • How to draw your Sustainability Action Plan?
    Many companies have already sustainability policy, sustainability principles or some kind of reporting system. Sustainability Action Plan take all those one step further. We help companies to draw their sustainability action and communication plan that is based on their business strategy and consists of goals with KPIs and visualised performance data. We will lead the process and bring the tools, you will bring your insight and the data. Four modules: Mapping ESG impacts on your business field Setting up short and long term goals, and choosing the actions Pairing actions with SDGs and creating visualised data dashboards Sustainability Action and Communication Plan Ask for a quote. The online program includes SDG Monitor subscription for 1 year (Pro 1080€) Learn more
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