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SDG11 Sustainable cities and communities

How companies and organizations can contribute to the SDG11 sustainable cities and communities?

This includes business actions and investments that increase sustainability in cities by developing housing, transportation systems, waste management, air quality, public spaces and safeguarding cultural and natural heritage (items, buildings, landscapes, protected environment).

Businesses must take sustainable action in planning and developing future and climate change fit, resilient cities, public spaces and buildings and improve the air quality of big cities and urban environments. Large cities air quality can be improved by switching from fossil energy to green energies in heating and lighting of buildings and developing more green spaces. By using sustainably sourced materials, reusing existing materials and recycling them appropriately, the carbon footprint 👣 of infrastructure grow smaller. Businesses should aim at reducing the energy consumption in all built environment and protect cities and human settlements from disasters, all at once.

How your company or organization contributes to the SDG11?


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