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SDG Monitor started from our common interest to help United Nations reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Agenda 2030 was signed by 193 countries but companies are in crucial role realising it. That is why we wanted to create a hands-on tool to integrate SDGs into any business strategy or sustainability policy and  to help companies measure their sustainability performance. 

SDGm Free is free for everyone to use and it is true to the goal of United Nations  leaving no one behind.

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Countries and companies have less than seven years to reach the SDGs. In this fast pacing world it may seem a long time, but it is not, so let's start acting sustainably right now. We have made a commitment to keep developing SDG Monitor at least until 2032 while helping all companies joining us reach their goals. So, no matter how small step you take towards sustainability just take it, and do it today, for it will most likely grow your business and enhance social wellbeing with less harm to the environment.



To measure your performance, you need data. Before that, you have to identify your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges. SDG Monitor's greatest ESG challenges are energy efficiency, e-waste & digital waste management, gender equality and data sharing & security.

Open and transparent communication is in the core of our sustainability program and we use SDGm Free to measure our performance. Our short-term Action Plan is for 2023 and our long-term Action Plan for 2030.



We are a team of sustainability experts with years of experience in helping companies create sustainability action plans, set industry specific KPIs, write sustainability reports, data management, and communication. Every company is different and we help at every step in their sustainability journey!


Johanna Catani

Founder and Advisor on Sustainability Leadership and Communication at SDG Monitor, Activist

'Less is More'

Companies have a key role realizing the Sustainable Development Goals. I want to help businesses grow sustainably.

  • LinkedIn Johanna Catani

Vilma Catani

Co-founder & CEO

Businesses of all operations and sizes play an essential role in achieving Agenda 2030.

'This is a team effort, so start your sustainability journey today'.

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Advisory Board

We are happy to have some brilliant minds to challenge us and guide us towards 2030. 

Annika Finer, COO,  Co-Founder Felinna  Capital,  Geneve, Switzerland

Marko  Sjöman, Founder 3StepIT, Helsinki,  Finland

Mikko Mursula, Deputy CEO, Ilmarinen, Investments, Helsinki, Finland

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Intern, Business Development

My ongoing studies in management, politics and international relations have improved my ability to detect the schisms between society, the market and governance systems upon sustainable development and green transition. I believe the theories constructing economy, labor and firm were meant to not only serve the design but also to fix the issues of society. Therefore, transparent commitment to SDGs and ESGs is crucial for effectively tackling climate change and the dawning ecological collapse.  

  • LinkedIn Deniz Yazici
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